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We are committed to providing you with as much information as possible about the many choices available to achieve your project goals because, once the materials are applied on your vehicle or on your wall or used in any other application, it is something you will have to be happy with for many years to come. The following information will provide you with the many different types of materials and colors available on the market. We are here to help you to make the best choices possible. Call Us @ 602-803-8303 to discuss your interests.


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* Colors
* Fonts
* Instructions
* Layering

There are many different materials to choose from. There are over 70 available colors and a wide range of textures. The applications seem endless. Material choices include but are not limited to the following:

* Premium & Metallic Cast
* High Performance Cast
* Intermediate, Economy, Exhibition
* Translucent Premium Cast
* Translucent High Performance
* Transparent
* Wrapping Cast
* Premium Textured Cast
* Luminescent
* Frosted Glass
* Dusted Glass
* Translucent Etched
* Fluorescent
* Stencil Film
* Ultraleaf Cast

APPLICATIONS: Vehicle and fleet graphics, uneven and curved surfaces, corrugations, rivets, markings, inscriptions, decorative elements, diecut and computer systems, illuminated signs on rigid, thermoformed or flexible surfaces, motor vehicle wraps, magnets, interior design, automotive trim, interior and exterior accent restyling, safety and emergency signage, shop windows, glass doors, room dividers, POP displays, labels, decals, etc...

Anthracite (metallic), Azure Blue, Black Blue, Blood Red, Blue, Bordeaux, Brilliant Blue, Brimstone Yellow, Cardinal Red, Cobalt Blue, Cream, Dark Gray, Dark Green, Dark Red, Deep Blue, Emerald, Etched Glass, Euro Blue, Foliage Green, Gentian Blue, Golden Yellow, Grass Green, Green, Grey, Ice Blue, Imitation Gold, Iron Grey, King Blue, Komatsu Grey, Lavender, Light Blue, Light Brown, Light Green, Light Grey, Light Ivory, Light Red, Light Violet, Light Yellow, Lilac, Magenta, Maize Yellow, Matte Black, Matte White, Middle Blue, Middle Gray, Middle Red, Mint, Nut Brown, Orange Red, Pastel Orange, Petrol, Pink, Purple Red, Red Brown, Red Orange, Red, Signal Red, Signal Yellow, Slate Grey, Steel Blue, Sun Yellow, Telegrey, Telemagenta, Tomato Red, Traffic Blue, Turquoise Blue, Turquoise Green, Turquoise, Ultramarine Blue, Violet, Yellow Green, and many others... * Note, not all colors are available in the different types of vinyl materials, we will do our best to match your color needs, submit your request and we will confirm availability.

Intermediate Vinyl - These films are typically going to have an outdoor life from about 4-6 years and tend to be slightly thicker.

Performance Vinyl - These 8-year films offer minimal shrinkage for durable applications. They apply well to irregular surfaces, corrugations and rivets.

Translucent Vinyl - Perfect for creating stunning stained glass effects and color overlays.

Reflective Vinyl - These films are weather, chemical and corrosion resistant. Perfect for traffic control, guidance, warning and information signs, as well as, reflecting lettering, numbers and symbols.

Metallic Vinyl - Metallic surface films bring industrial appeal to signage, displays and automotive surfaces. Available as: Diamond Plate, Polychrome Silver, Polychrome Gold, Mirror Lens Silver, Carbon Fiber, Fantasy Sequins, Fantasy Crystal, Polychrome Fine Brush.

* Image samples of the different materials and specialty colors are available upon request or in person.
** All colors will vary in appearance depending on computer screen settings.

We have thousands of fonts to choose from. For standard or special letter fonts, search Google for "fonts" to view 1000's of fonts and their names. Note your preferred font name/s, provide the name/s to us, as we will require it/them for developing the texts for your project. You can specify as many fonts as you desire for each aspect/wording of your project, we will prepare a presentation and present it to you for final approval. If you are not sure of the font/s, provide us with your existing logo and we will match the fonts to your requirements.

* The final product can be designed with or without the background.

Each decal has 3 layers:

1. The top layer is the transfer mask.
2. The middle layer is the actual decal.
3. The bottom layer is the backing.

Application Procedures: ....... DOWNLOAD APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS (PDF, 48.0KB)

Place the decal on a hard surface, using a plastic squeegee or a credit card, run it over the decal's top layer to make sure it has good adhesion to the transfer mask. Clean the destination surface. AVOID using any ammonia-based cleaners, clean surfaces with water, soap and water, rubbing alcohol. Let surface dry or use a lint-free cloth. Vinyl does not stick well to any oil or waxy surface. Position the decal in the desired location. To ensure good transfer, depending on your comfort level, use a few small strips of masking tape along the top of the decal to secure it to the surface.

You can use a DRY or WET application process. DRY process is best for smaller decals, once the surface is clean, remove the backing, place in position, use a squeegee or credit card and run it over the decal to assist the transfer from the mask onto the surface and remove as many air bubbles as possible. When ready, slowly begin to peel away the transfer mask. WET process is best for larger decals, spray the location with clean or lightly soapy water (add 1-2 drops of liquid soap to the water), remove the backing (ask for assistance to keep the decal flat), place the decal in position (the wet surface will allow you to nudge the decal into the best position), use a few strips of masking tape to secure in place, use a squeegee or credit card to adhere the decal to the surface, let dry or begin to CAREFULLY peel away the transfer mask.

By using either method, if you see any air bubbles, use the top of your finger nail to squeeze them out. Usually the sun will take care of that for you in a short period of time. If you still see air bubbles, take a sawing needle and pierce a small hole in the center of each bubble and, with your finger nail, squeeze the air out through the pinhole.

Quick Tips....

* Best surface temperature should be between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
* Do not apply in cold weather or extreme heat, apply in the shade.
* Do not use alcohol or ammonia-based cleaners.
* Do not use sharp scrapers, use the edge of a plastic squeegee or credit card.
* Do not touch the adhesive backing, skin oils will prevent proper adhesion.
* Do not point high pressure washers as it may lift or break parts of the decal, car washes are safe.
* Do not apply wax or any petroleum based products over the graphics.

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